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4 Eyes Backpackers Youth Hostel

Group of 15 or more?

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Happy Hours (18:00-20:00) Every Weekdays:

Monday: Selected Beer Half Price
Tuesday: Cocktail, Buy One Get One Free
Wednesday: Ladies Night (Seleted Beverage for FREE of Charge)
Thursday: Hookah Shisha for CNY25 only (Original Price CNY38)

Walking distance to West Lake, Many bus route connected, Nice people will be with U. 4 Eyes Backpackers will boost your stay.

If you really enjoyed your time with us, please click on the Facebook Like on our hostel page.

Please be awared that 4 Eyes Well Village is the village of hostel, when you search around, please do find the exact location of the 4 Eyes Well first with the kiosk beside. Please follow the small path next to the kiosk and climb up, you will find the real amazing place! 4 Eyes Backpackers Hostel.

The Key to our hostel is to find: 4 Eyes Well (Si Yan Jing), Kiosk, and Small Path.

4 Eyes Backpackers Youth Hostel is located in the foothills of Mount.Yuhuang , south part of the West Lake Scenic Area,adjacent to the famous Manlong Guiyu,which is a perfect place for admiring osmanthus.Such is a breathtaking lake views along with mountain sights that you shall intoxicate.

The hostel includes various buildings scattered across a large hilly area ,with natural wood houses ,painted walls and brick buildings , surrounded by paths that lead to gurgling waterfalls. Unwind as you find yourself walking slowly amongst the artistically decorated corridors ,western style bar ,characteristic BBQ and life of leisure ,which is the hallmark of the lifestyle in the south of the Yangzi River region.

Our fabulous service will make you feel right at home.Here lies a blended style of modern countryside with art-nouveaux permeating every corner .Living here you will basque in every ray of sunshine and hear the peaceful whispering leaves.You won`t resist playing with the cats and contemplating the abundant artwork that is so appealing here.

Come and enjoy stay with us!

Scenic Spots nearby:
Dream of The Tiger Spring :5minutes' walk
Southern Peak :15minutes' self-riding
Nine Creek in Hang Zhou: 20’minutes' self-riding
Hang Zhou Zoo:2minutes' walk
Hang Zhou Children Park : 2minutes' walk
Hang Zhou Yu Mountain:8minutes' walk:
The Lei Feng Pagoda, one of the ten Scenic spots of West Lake: 10minutes' self-riding travelling
Viewing Fish at Flower Harbor:8minutes' self-riding travelling
Pagoda of Six Harmonies, self-riding travelling15’ Spring Dawn at Su Causeway, self-riding travelling8’
Tea plantation :3minutes' walk
Yuhao Harbour:3minutes' self-riding travelling
Wu Mount Reak:15minutes'elf-riding travelling
Lotus in the Breeze at Crooked Courtyard:15minutes'self-riding travelling
the West Lake New Horizons:20 minutes'elf-riding travelling
China Tea Museum:15minutes'self-riding travelling

From Hang Zhou Xiaoshan International Airport:
1.Take the airport bus from the airport to the TrainStation ,and then change Y7 at the ShiSanYiYuan (市三医院) Stop and get off at the Zoo(动物园)

2.Take the airport bus from the airport to the Wulinmeng(武林门) air ticketing office on Ti Yu Chang Road and change Y5 to the Zoo

From Hang Zhou Train Station:
1. Take the Y7 at the ShiSanYiYuan(市三医院) , and get off at the Zoo.

2.Taking Y2 till SuDi(苏堤), change to bus K4, 315,
K504, 822/K822, K808, 514/K514, Y5, get off at Hangzhou Zoo.

From Hang Zhou South Train Station:
Better avoid this route as Hangzhou South Train Station is of the similar distance as in Xiaoshan Airport, 55 KM away.
1.Taking the bus 700 to xiaoshaolugongjiaozhan(萧绍路公交站), and then walk to the opposite side to take K315 and get off at the Zoo

From the JiuBao(九堡) Bus Station:
Take the bus 100 to the JingFangXiaoQu(景芳小区) and then change Y7 to the Zoo

From the North Bus Station:
Taking the Bus 15 to Zhejiang University(浙江大学), change to bus 527/K527 at the
same stop, get off at the Zoo.

From the West Bus Station:
Taking the Bus K102 to QingBoMen(清波门) and then change K4 to the Zoo

From the South Bus Station:
Taking the Bus K808 get off at the Zoo
If you want to take a taxi to our hostel ,you can show this to the taxi driver:虎跑路四眼井66号(儿童公园对面)
少なく絞って表示する もっと表示する


2017/09/21, 木曜 - 2017/09/24, 日曜 変更します。


2017/09/21, 木曜 - 2017/09/24, 日曜


/ 1泊の料金 宿泊日数 合計金額


  • 宿泊料に布団・シーツ代込み
  • 無料のWiFi接続
  • カードキー
  • 共有スペース
  • 自転車置き場
  • バーベキュー
  • 朝食なし
  • Air Conditioning
  • 会議室
  • 本の交換
  • シャワー
  • 屋外テラス
  • ヘアドライヤー貸出
  • 駐車場
  • 洗濯機
  • インターネット接続
  • 洗濯設備
  • 自転車レンタル
  • 荷物保管場所
  • ツアー/観光デスク
  • 宅急便
  • 24時間警備
  • レストランなど飲食店
  • バー
  • 食事注文可能
  • 自動販売機
  • カフェ
  • ボードゲーム
  • ゲームコーナー
  • プールテーブル


  • ペット可


1. please remember to bring valid certification.
2.only cash is accepted now.
3. the hostel is open from 7:00 to 24: 00
4. check out time is before 12:00 at noon



この施設には、 2 日のキャンセルポリシーがあります。この時間内にキャンセルできない場合、宿泊の最初の1泊分をキャンセル料として課金させていただきます




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