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5footway.inn Project Chinatown 2への行き方

227 South Bridge Road, Singapore, シンガポール



  • 74%お買い得
  • 78%セキュリティ
  • 90%立地
  • 79%スタッフ
  • 69%雰囲気
  • 69%清潔さ
  • 69%施設

1. Take the airport MRT to Outram Park station (EW16), transfer to purple NE line and alight at the next stop, Chinatown station (NE4). Exit through exit A and walk towards the end of Pagoda Street. You will see 5footway.inn Project Chinatown 2 signboard across the street of the junction. The journey will take approximately 30 minutes and cost S$2.10 one way.

2. Taxi take about 20 minutes and cost approximately S$25 one way.