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Ace Apartments

Vaci utca 46, 5th district, Budapest, ハンガリー


  • 48%お買い得
  • 58%セキュリティ
  • 75%立地
  • 50%スタッフ
  • 45%雰囲気
  • 45%清潔さ
  • 43%施設


We are the best located Apartments in Budapest in the 5th district. To check in call our mobile telephone immediately when you are in Budapest. Please no arrival after 10pm! In all of our room there is bathroom inside, ENSUITE (Only in less than 10% of Budapest hostels are such room) Our private suites are mostly 100 m from the Danube river, which divide Budapest to Buda and Pest. The windows facing to the famous walking and shopping street Vaci (in some of the room looks to garden), where are the big 5 star hotels Marriott , Kempinski, Interkontinental and Meridien. Going to the street you find outside restaurants the favourit music club Fatmos and the famous restaurant Fatal. Walking to the Danube you can see the nice view of Budapest. From some of the suites (apartments) you can see the Citadel. We have more private places, not all in the same building, around our address.The meeting point of young tourists and our common place is our restaurant under the house, where you can meet other backpackers. One of our reception staff wait you in the gate of the house. The check out is 10 am (No Luggage Storage after this, lockers you find on the stations), check in after 11.30 am.


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      匿名の, ポルトガル, 男性, 25-30
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Ace Apartments Located at Vaci utca 46, 5th district, Budapest.
Ace Apartments
Budapest Budapest 1056 Vaci utca 46, 5th district
52% 91
47.4909059 19.0547990
Ace Apartments
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