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Dubrovnik Youth Service

Miljenka Bratosa 10, Dubrovnik, クロアチア


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Welcome to Dubrovnik Youth Service! We offer nice, clean and in-expensive rooms in the center of Dubrovnik, inside or near historical city walls. You will not need city bus (all rooms 0-20 min walking distance from historical city walls). ln total, we have seven big houses in old town with more than 150 beds, good qualities, good locations and prices, high level of hospitality. We can recive groups max. 50 persons in one house. Collection from the harbour or main bus station is FREE (important to give us arriwal time!). Our pick-up from the airport is cheaper than taxi, and we can come any time (0-24h)! Please use this service (free drive or airport drive) because it will make your coming to accommodation much easier. PLEASE NOTICE: out of season (1.10. - 1.4.) working ONLY house in old town. Meeting point in old town, PILE GATE.. ln top of season (July, August) most of reservations on 1 night ARE NOT located in old town (this house is ca. 30 min by foot or 5 min by bus, very close to bus terminal and harbour). Please do not book less nights than you want to stay (this happens offen; our rooms are VERY NICE and moslty guests want to stay longer, what can be problem because we are fully booked. Our best rooms (exp. 4bedEnsuite and 5bedEnsuite with AC) are inside historical city walls. 24h after booking we will contact you with email with other important info's!!! RENT A SCOOTER, Peugeot Vivacity, for 150 kn/ day if you book now! RENT A BIKE, EXCURSIONS (Panorama, Cavtat, Peljesac wineyard, MLJET, Sarajevo, Mostar, Medjugorje, Split and many other...) etc. 1 EUR = ca. 7,5 Kuna


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      annatab, ドイツ, 全員女性客, 25-30
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Dubrovnik Youth Service Located at Miljenka Bratosa 10, , Dubrovnik.
Dubrovnik Youth Service
Dubrovnik Miljenka Bratosa 10
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Dubrovnik Youth Service
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