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Fluxus Hostelへの行き方



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Arrival time is VERY important for us. May we ask you to let us know (through mail or phone) if you will come sooner / later than your planned arrival. 3 hours after your original arrival time, we will need to cancel your booking.

The Fluxus hostel is situated in the heart of the city centre next to Nama department store.

From the AIRPORT Letalisce Jozeta Pucnika Ljubljana (ex Brnik):
You can take a public bus to Ljubljana Bus Station (avtobusna postaja), this will cost you 4,1euro one way.
www.ap-ljubljana.si (Letalisce Brnik - Ljubljana avtobusna postaja)

You can also take the 'Markun prevozi' private shuttle. It costs 5euros to the Bus station or 9euros directly to our hostel.
You can order a ride on: www.prevozi-markun.com

Taxi costs about 25euros.

From the Ljubljana TRAIN / BUS station:
Our hostel is within a 10 minutes walk.
From the station take exit 'center' and go right to Slovenska cesta.
Go left and walk to Zara and Nama stores.
After Benetton go right. There we are: first house on the right side of the Tomsiceva ulica (street). Number 4.
Our bell is not on the list, please ring the special white one on the front wall. After 7pm, please push the right door after ringing.
There is 'Dia (photo) studio' on the main floor, we are in the same house on the 2nd floor.

You can take a taxi for about 3 euros.
Taxi should drive left on Slovenska and leave you at small black news-stand kiosk after Nama and Benetton store and you should NOT pay more than 5 euros.

You can also take the bus No. 2 (Nove Jarse) or 9 (Trnovo) or 27 (NS Rudnik) and get off at the third station 'Konzorcij'. The hostel is 10 steps back.
You pay in cash 1euro on the bus
or buy Urbana bus ticket for 2euros + money on it (like oyster in London).

Use of vignettes is obligatory for all vehicles with the permissible maximum weight of 3,500 kg (the current first and second toll-rate category) on motorways and expressways in the Republic of Slovenia as of 1 July 2008.
It costs at least 15 euros. You can buy vignette at most gas stations before entering Slovenia, or directly after the border at Petrol or OMV gas station.


from ITALY and CROATIA (via Postojna):
from the highway take exit Ljubljana ZAHOD
drive right to the centre = Trzaska cesta
drive about 3km and go left to Tivolska cesta (direction: bus/train station)
at the traffic light go right on Subiceva
2nd left on Beethovnova
1st right on Tomsiceva: there we are: last (2nd) house on the left side n.4, 2nd floor
you can park in front of the building

from AUSTRIA (Graz, via Celje):
on the highway drive on blue signs (Kranj, Austria)
highway becomes ring = 100km/h
3rd exit is for Center and Bezigrad
at traffic lights drive left to the center = Dunajska cesta
in the center Dunajska cesta = Slovenska cesta
after Nama, Benetton stores drive right on Subiceva cesta
drive right on Beethovnova ulica
again right on Tomsiceva: there we are: last (2nd) house on the left side n.4, 2nd floor
you can park in front of the building

from AUSTRIA (Klagenfurt, Villach, Salzburg... via Kranj)
after a new tunnel and exits Siska, Brdo,... use exit Center and follow the same as coming:

from CROATIA (Zagreb, via Novo mesto):
from the highway take exit center
drive straight to center = Barjanska cesta
after 1,8km at the France ambassy (7th traffic lights after exit from highway) go left on Askerceva
3rd traffic lights right on Presernova cesta
2nd traffic lights right on Subiceva ulica
after parliament left on Beethovnova ulica
and right on Tomsiceva: there we are: last (2nd) house on the left side n.4, 2nd floor
you can park in front of the building

* Parking in front of the building must be paid with parking tickets ( 0,6euro per hour, max. 2 hours ) during the week: mon - fri 8am - 7pm, sat. 8am - 1pm, sun. free
** There is a public garage at Maxi (very near)
*** 10 minutes walking away it is possible to park a car in the street for free.