180 か国、30,000 件のホステル 350 万以上のゲストレビュー 2100万予約


Francesco Plakiotis, Chora, Ios, ギリシャ



  • 94%お買い得
  • 91%セキュリティ
  • 99%立地
  • 96%スタッフ
  • 95%雰囲気
  • 93%清潔さ
  • 89%施設

We suggest our guests call or email us to let us know which ferry they plan to arrive on so that our driver Alex can meet them in the port and provide a free transfer.

Otherwise when you arrive at the port take the bus into the centre, get off the bus at the town bus stop. Cross the street and walk up the path into town. In front of you will be a travel agent and a church. Take a left behind the church and then turn right immediately. This will take you past two shoe shops and into a little square. Go through the square and take the path that leads uphill from the right corner. Take the first left at the Diesel shop. We are at the end of that path.

But again we ask that you just call us a couple of days in advance and we can give you a free transfer.