180 か国、30,000 件のホステル 350 万以上のゲストレビュー 2100万予約

Hostel Alessandro Downtown のレビュー

Via Carlo Cattaneo 23, Rome, イタリア

レビュー ・ 評点の説明


  • 83%お買い得
  • 85%セキュリティ
  • 87%立地
  • 82%スタッフ
  • 79%雰囲気
  • 83%清潔さ
  • 80%施設


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I've never stayed at dorm so I was afraid. But actually this hostel was very good and safety. The room is clean and large. I had a backpack and a traveling bag. I could put down them without worried about other's baggage. Unfortunetly it was hard to open my room's door. The staff was very kind and helpful. They always stay 24hours. This hostel has safety boxes which needs to bring your key. I didn't know about bringing it. The location is very nice and near termini station.


テルミニ駅から歩いて6、7分と近いです、24時間レセプションに人はいるしネットも全部屋で使えるしで快適です 部屋も綺麗でしたが、私のベッドにベッドバグがいたらしく、露出している両手両足を噛まれに噛まれ、少し萎えました(笑) ですが他の方はなんともなかったので、運がわるかっただけかと思います 安いし快適ですよ


It was such a nice hostel: very close to the station and kind staff. I could spend a quality time there! Still, there are some problems with this hostel, which are that the door of my dorm was broken so I was struggling unlocking the door with the card key, and I don't think the locker was safe so I didn't use one. However, all of my roommates were very nice and friendly, so I didn't have to worry about money stolen or stuff like that. Like I said, my stay was so great there! Thank you so much!