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Group of 15 or more?

Contact our Group Travel team directly for a tailor made solution for your group

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  • とても良いロケーション
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  • 普通に清潔なホステル
Hostel Centraal Located at Plantage Kerklaan 19, , Amsterdam.
Hostel Centraal
Amsterdam 1018SZ Plantage Kerklaan 19
60% 694
52.3661140 4.9113821
Hostel Centraal
    空いている客室 スタンダード >ダブルルーム エンスイート スタンダード 4 ベッド 男女共用ドミトリー エンスイート スタンダード 3 ベッド 個室 エンスイート スタンダード 6 ベッド 男女共用ドミトリー エンスイート スタンダード 8 ベッド 男女共用ドミトリー エンスイート スタンダード 4 ベッド 個室 エンスイート スタンダード 6 ベッド 個室 エンスイート スタンダード 30 ベッド 女性ドミトリー エンスイート スタンダード 12 ベッド 男女共用ドミトリー エンスイート スタンダード 30 ベッド 男女共用ドミトリー エンスイート


2017/01/21, 土曜 - 2017/01/24, 火曜 変更します。


宿泊施設 料金 ベッド数/部屋数 合計金額


" 한꾺인만뽀쎼요. 우썬 까씨면 쭈인이 카운터예 없씁니다. 어띠를 똘아땅기는지 한쨤을 기다려야 어띠선가 나타납니땨. 쑥쏘가 싸서 이용하려꾸 했는뎨 막썅 가니까 Ta엑스 (택쓰)랑 뭐가 이리저리 많이 붙어써 전혀 쌰지도 않씁니다. (쥬의햐세요) 화쨩실 방음이 안뙤서 녀무 너무 젹나라합니다. 졍말 져는 별류였네요. 땩히 시냬랑 가꺕지도 얂구요 쥬위에 편의졈이고 나뱔이고 없슙니다. 정기권을 산댜규 해도 규롷게 죻은 굣이라고는 뵤기힘둘거 걑네요 건물 계댠이 샹당히 죱아서 두 손, 듀 뱔로 올라가야 합니댜. 가뵤시면 야시겠지만 졍말 힘듐. 젼혀 친졀햐지 얂규요 져는 댜시 공쨔로 보내쥰다교 하면 안갸겠습니댜. 썡각 쟐 햐시길 바럅니다. 짐을 오래 맡겨도 되는거는 좋았습니다. 다들 좋은 여행 하세요~ "

- 匿名の


  • 無料

    宿泊料に布団・シーツ代込み 無料市内地図 無料のWiFi接続 インターネット接続

  • 一般情報

    ロッカー カードキー 朝食なし 会議室 シャワー 読書灯 ヘアドライヤー貸出 スチームルーム

  • サービス

    インターネット接続 自転車レンタル タオルの貸出 荷物保管場所 ATM 宅急便 24時間警備 客室清掃



年齢制限 クレジットカード使用可 門限なし 禁煙 税抜


-The firs night will be charged Seven days prior to arrival ( Tax).
-The remaining amount will be pre-authorized on the given Credit Card 72Hours prior to arrival, which will be unheld after payment in cash,or it can be changed into payment with 5% transaction fees. (Payment with any credit card cost a 5% transaction fee)
-Reservations without an active Credit Card, can not be kept longer than 24 hours, and it might be cancelled without any responsibility on our side.

-If you are running late for check-in please contact us to let us know.

-Payment is due upon arrival in cash Or turning the authorization on your card into payment. 5,5% City tax will be added to the total amount.

-We have a 72hr cancellation policy for normal bookings. Cancellation are only accepted by email.
-Late cancellations and no-shows shall be charged for 100% of their total bill .

-We ask authorization on the given credit card (not a charge); unfortunately we will not keep the reservation if we cannot get authorization in time.

*Group bookings will be required to be charged 7 days before arrival.
**Maximum group size 12 People.(For more than 12 people, please request by contacting us via email)
Groups start from 8 people.
Free cancellation up to 7 days before arrival.
Once the payment is done, there is NO CANCELLATION and NO REFUND.
If your arrival date is within less than 7 days, the reservation will be immediately charged.

*When a booking is made by a person(s) from outside the Europe Union for three nights or more and a visa is required for the embassy, and the booking is used to obtain a visa, the whole booking will be charged to your card. We will need a CVC (security code at the back of your credit card); this to guarantee your booking that you will be staying with us. You will be contacted by the hostel for information; this booking cannot be cancelled.

During special events/holidays, the property has a 3 weeks prior to your arrival date Cancellation policy, otherwise it will be considered as a late cancellation and the total reservation will be charged.
These are the special events/holidays:
- New Years period: Last week of the year
- Easter: 3-6 April
- King Day: 26 and 27 April
- IBC event: 9 September until 15 September.

*If you are only staying for one night, linen is not included in the price and is available for 5 euros extra.
*One-night bookings are non-refundable, and will be immediately charged.

We have an age restriction of 18-28 years only at the hostel.

When you have booked multiple beds in shared rooms, we cannot guarantee that you will be staying together in the same room.



この施設には、 3 日のキャンセルポリシーがあります。この時間内にキャンセルできない場合、宿泊の最初の1泊分をキャンセル料として課金させていただきます




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どこにいても 170 か国にある 33,000 件のホステルから検索し、ご予約頂けます。