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Our Melting Pot

4th/Floor Mavenue Building, #7844 Makati Avenue co, Guerrero Street, 1209 Makati City, Manila, フィリピン


  • 85%お買い得
  • 87%セキュリティ
  • 91%立地
  • 93%スタッフ
  • 87%雰囲気
  • 86%清潔さ
  • 82%施設


Backpacking in the Philippines? Our Melting Pot is the perfect take-off/drop-off point for you.

We are only about 3 kilometers away from the NAIA or Ninoy Aquino International Airport (the primary airport in this nation's capital)!

More than that...

Nowhere you would find, in this part of Makati, an accommodation cheaper than US$29 per person / per night. It is simply not possible, given the high city standards. But OUR MELTING POT makes possible for you ~50% lower than prevailing rates of budget inns, breakfast included, yet in accordance with fine and delicate hosteling criteria.

Our place boasts of a peaceful vibe apart from being new, modern, spacious and clean. It is most of all conveniently located -- right at the heart of Makati City which is the financial & entertainment hub of Metro Manila and the entire Philippines, for that matter!

On foot or by cab, the Ayala Museum, the posh Greenbelt and Glorietta Malls, the Power Plant Mall in the elite Rockwell Center are all well within reach. Manila’s more popular tourist attractions are a taxi-ride away and should cost between US$2-3 only.

Bel-air, Makati, where this hostel is situated, has a vibrant and diverse character. During the last few years, the area is slowly giving birth to many forms and signs of life, from mundane to spiritual, laid-back to upbeat, western to oriental. This is where you find fellow travelers from different corners of the globe: American, Latin American, European, Arab, South Asian, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Ausralian and Pacific Islanders, Singapore, Malaysian, etc. More than 20 hostels, inns or travellers lodge can be found in this part of the city alone, although this is not the area where 5-star or 6-star hotels congregate. Quite interestingly, this is where you also meet the locals, find the subdued 'alternative entertainment' district, the cozy 1st-class residential area, the academic centers for post-graduate studies, offices of non-government organizations, night market, pubs, bars and food joints of every dish or origin: mexican, spanish, filipino, japanese, american, korean, arab, indian, african, etc.

The magnificence of it all is that we simply happen to be the first backpacking joint or budget accommodation in this distinct section of the world. We are proud to be bridging the gap between the classy, sometimes impersonal Makati City and its quiet residents who seem oblivious to the transformation of the Burgos-Makati Ave. area into something phenomenal. We know that this gap can gradually be bridged with backpacking or affordable tourism that we've started!

Now, if you’re island hopping, brace for a challenging experience as our 7,107 awesome but incomparable islands are mostly raw and not tourist-ready, with the exception perhaps of popular destinations such as Bohol, Boracay and Palawan, Cebu, Baguio, Davao and the like. But as far as possible, we -- young, well-travelled backpackers ourselves, will help you chart your itinerary so that you derive the most from your alloted time and resources, drawing from our personal backpacking experiences here and abroad. Throughout your stay, our objective is to offer you a sincere, personal feel of hosteling in the old fashioned, intimate, endearing way of Filipinos. We shall serve you a modest breakfast, generous enough to get you going til lunchtime. :-)

Note that we only accept credit cards for reservations from this site, with the balance payable in cash upon arrival.


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Our Melting Pot Located at 4th/Floor Mavenue Building, #7844 Makati Avenue co, Guerrero Street, 1209 Makati City, Manila.
Our Melting Pot
Manila 1200 4th/Floor Mavenue Building, #7844 Makati Avenue co, Guerrero Street, 1209 Makati City
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Our Melting Pot
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