180 か国、30,000 件のホステル 350 万以上のゲストレビュー 2100万予約

Praktik Gardenへの行き方

C/ Diputacion 325, Barcelona, Barcelona, スペイン



  • 90%お買い得
  • 90%セキュリティ
  • 90%立地
  • 90%スタッフ
  • 90%雰囲気
  • 80%清潔さ
  • 80%施設

By Metro The closest tube station to The Praktik hotel is the Girona station, on the yellow L-2 line.

By Bus Almost all buses stop at, or end at the central bus station, Estaci� del Nord. It is on the red subway line, Metro Arc de Troimf, L1, and very central.

The closest bus stops to The Praktik hotel are numbers 20, 39, 45 and 47.

By Train The main station is Sants Estaci�. All trains depart or go through this station. If you are arriving from France via Girona and you are going to the Pla�a Catalunya area you may wish to exit at Passeig de Gracia, which is the last stop before Sants Estaci�.

If you are arriving from France via Puigcerda and you are going to the Pla�a Catalunya area you should exit directly at the Pla�a de Catalunya stop.

From Girona (Ryanair bus service) RyanAir has a bus service directly from Girona airport to Barcelona city centre. The last stop is at Estaci� del Nord, see above.

Check the bus timetable for your departure flight with the company directly and buy the tickets beforehand.

From Airport You have two options other than the taxi:

Bus: Take the aero-line bus, the blue bus, and get off at Pla�a Catalunya, last stop. Price 3.45 �

Train: There is only one train line from the airport, also get off at Pla�a Catalunya. Price 2.20 �

It takes 20 minutes