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信州渋温泉 洗心館 松屋

長野県下高井郡山ノ内町 渋温泉大湯前, Shimotakai-gun, 長野 野猿公苑, 日本


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Senshinkan Matsuya is a small and friendly traditional Japanese ryokan located near Snow Monkey Park. It offers delicious Japanese food and great natural hot spring bath.

We are a small and cozy Japanese style inn built in Genroku period (1688-1703). It is a 3-story wooden building with 11 guest rooms. All rooms are Japanese style. Sitting on the tatami floor and sleeping in the futon on tatami, you can experience the traditional Japan.

Our bath is natural hot spring. We are part of the nostalgic Japanese spa town Shibu Onsen, which was called Hirao Onsen a long time ago. Shibu Onsen originated in the year 1303, when priests from temples in Kyoto discovered the healing effects of the local hot springs. You can either enjoy a very relaxing time in our indoor bath, or go to other public baths in the neighborhood. There are 9 hot spring public bath-houses and 2 foot bath places along the street, free entrance for staying guests.

Our expert chef prepares delicious Japanese cuisines for our guests. You will find a meal after a hot bath especially enjoyable.


The area is famous for its hot spring Shibu Onsen, originated in 1303. Another sightseeing spot cannot be missed - Snow Monkey Park (Jigokudani Yaenkoen) - is only about 5 min away by car. Since 1964, Snow Monkey Park has been loved by tourists all over the world. It is probably the only place in the world where you can watch monkeys taking a hot spring bath in snow. We offer transportation service to Snow Monkey Park. Please make a reservation at the reception desk, and we will take you to the park by car. Please note that we don嚙緣 offer pick-up service, and you need to come back to the ryokan on your own.


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    それは公衆浴場のほとんどがあるので、それはそれは非常に簡単に温泉体験を楽しむためになり、メインストリートにあり、私たちは一晩だけのためにそこにいた、そしてそれは本当に良い選択だった。所有者は、彼らはあなたにあなたが入浴プロトコルについて知る必要がある何を説明するように、外国人観光客のための素晴らしいです、これは非常にいいですし、英語を話す。 我々はチェックアウトされたとき、彼らはまた、サルの公園に私たちを落とし、彼らは鉄道駅に私たちの荷物を取った!それは最高でした···ありがとうをgosaimas。 :)
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信州渋温泉 洗心館 松屋 Located at 長野県下高井郡山ノ内町 渋温泉大湯前, Shimotakai-gun, Nagano Snow Monkey Park.
信州渋温泉 洗心館 松屋
Nagano Snow Monkey Park Nagano Prefecture 381-0401 長野県下高井郡山ノ内町 渋温泉大湯前, Shimotakai-gun
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信州渋温泉 洗心館 松屋
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