180 か国、30,000 件のホステル 350 万以上のゲストレビュー 2100万予約

Yaseen Hotelへの行き方

Market St, Shara Souk, Aswan, Aswan, エジプト



  • 85%お買い得
  • 86%セキュリティ
  • 96%立地
  • 83%スタッフ
  • 72%雰囲気
  • 71%清潔さ
  • 78%施設

From Train Station:
Exit from Station and turn left onto the main street (Sharia as-Souk St.). Walk 150 meters through white arches entrance to the pedestrian souk. Walk about 60 meters and turn left at the first side alley that you come to. You will see the Yaseen Hotel sign and entrance about 20 meters down the alley on the right.

From Bus Station: about 10 E£ by taxi.

From Airport: abt 50 E£ by taxi.

From Port (Sudan Ferry): abt 50 E£ by taxi. OR Take public train from the El Sad Ali Train Station (which is just in front of the port exit) for 1-2 E£.